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“WrenchASC eliminated a lot of time consuming paperwork for us!”

Pacific Surgery Center

“Coordinating with my staff is much easier using WrenchASC.”

Huntington Cosmetic Surgery

“The Life Safety calendar is a huge help in reminding us of what’s due and when. We also don’t have to store years of paper records”

Sandy Hills Pain center

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“WrenchASC eliminated a lot of time consuming paperwork for us!”

Western Plastic Surgery

“A great investment for my practice”

Huntington Cosmetic Surgery Center

“The Life Safety calendar is a huge help in reminding us of what’s due and when”

Sandy Hills SurgiCare

PC Generated Survey Reports

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Get everyone on the same page

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Share important dates, tasks and notes between Admin. and staff

Administration PC

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Life safety Tasks



License renewal

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Staff iPad

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Schedule single or repeating tasks and get email reminders

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  • Calendar Manager
  • Daily Log Book Manager
  • Autoclave Manager
  • Survey Report Manager
  • $245 per month subscription includes unlimited support and upgrades


  • Calendar sends email reminders
  • Reports of incomplete log book documentation
  • Customizable forms
  • No setup required and highly customizable
  • Efficient communication between Admin and staff


How Does my ASC benefit using Wrench?

Eliminate paper log books and forms. Extensive reminders to keep your log books accurate and up to date. Create detailed survey reports with the click of a mouse.

Receive reminders of Life Safety and other tasks (staff drills, ACLS/BLS, biomedical service, fire safety, license renewal and more)


What will you need?

Ipad, internet connected PC (Windows or Apple) and a wi-fi connection for the iPad.

What is the cost?

Wrench is a monthly subscription billed at $125.00 per month with the first 30 day trial at no charge.
This includes all updates and unlimited support. You may cancel at any time.

Additional Benefits of Wrench

Pick and choose application Tools

With Wrench you can pick and choose what tools you want to use. Each tool is it’s own seperate utility. You can also customize Wrench to fit your facility.

Web Accessible Anywhere

Wrench allows you to perform administrative functions and generate reports from any internet connected PC (Apple or Windows).

Safe & Secure

Your data is stored in a highly secure cloud server. No more on premise paper logs.


Accreditation Manager, puts your daily log books (Crash cart, O.R. checklist, eye wash and more) into an iPad.

Survey Report Manager allows you to create detailed reports for your surveys. You are always ready for a survey.

Life Safety Manager, keeps you up to date with your tasks (staff drills, ACLS/BLS, Facility maintenance, Biomedical service, ) and more

Medication Manager, tracks your facility medications expiration dates and quantity levels. It will remind you 3 weeks prior to medication expiration.

Autoclave Manager, eliminates the need to retain paper printouts of loads. Generate reports for load information and infection research.

Inventory Manager, Track inventory items by vendor, quantity on hand, expiration date and more. Create inventory reports and receive notifications to reorder.

Wrench is an excellent tool to save admin time and reduce paperwork.

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